California Libertarians Embrace Demopublican Policy on Iraq War



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by Thomas M. Sipos, May 5, 2006


In stark contrast to other third parties, the California Libertarian Party has endorsed the Republican and Democratic Parties' stand on the Iraq War. 

The 2006 Voter Guide, published by California's Secretary of State, includes a Political Party Statements of Purpose wherein the various political parties state their positions on the issues.  On the war in Iraq, the parties make the following statements: 


    * The Peace and Freedom Party says: "stop the killing now and end this stupid, brutal war. Our party saw through the lies and opposed this war from the beginning. Vote for immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan!"

    * The American Independent Party says: "Stop the undeclared wars which are daily costing American lives and billions of tax dollars; Stop the reckless spending, including foreign aid,"

    * The Green Party says: "discover Green values, among them living wages, affordable health care and housing, and an end to the war in Iraq."

    * The Libertarian Party says:  "     "

    * The Republican Party says:  "     "

    * The Democratic Party says:  "     "


Thus California Libertarians needn't fret about scaring voters with controversial positions. Instead, they can breathe easily, knowing the LP's statement to voters mirrors that of the Demopublicans. The LP has become a very respectable party indeed.

[The Natural Law Party did not submit a Statement of Purpose for the Voter Guide.]