Better a Covidiot Than a Covid Nazi

by Thomas M. Sipos



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I saw this graffiti on a sidewalk in Los Angeles: "Covid-19 is real! Trust the experts, not the perverts!" Translation: If you refuse to panic, you're an enemy of science. You're on the side of "perverts" -- by which I assume the author means Trump and his supporters.

I saw leaflets posted on palm trees: "Hey covidiots! This is what you look like without a mask!" Below the words, a caricature of a grotesque man sneezing vast amounts of phlegm. Translation: If you're too selfish to wear a mask to protect others, do it for selfish reasons -- so others won't know how ugly you look.

Covidiot is a portmanteau of Covid and idiot. If you disregard the panic-mongers, and want to end this economic lockdown, then you're a covidiot. There's hatred in that word. Hatred behind that graffiti and those leaflets. The authors have lost their patience with you. Covidiots are monsters, spreading a deadly virus. This is not open to disagreement or debate. Free speech is dangerous. To the gulags with you!

I've seen the hate in the faces of pro-lockdown protesters. Alleged health care workers, wearing masks and dark glasses, arms crossed, blocking cars in the street. Grim faces and belligerent stances. An online commentator suggested they were not actual health care workers. Anyone can rent a green smock. Antifa, perhaps? I understand the masks, by why the ubiquitous dark glasses?

Everything in modern America soon devolves into partisan politics, especially when touched by Trump. It's not his fault. It's a symptom of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Even after Trump opposed sending troops into Syria, the Left called him a fascist. What sort of fascist wants to recall troops from foreign countries? Now Trump wants to reopen the economy. So anyone who agrees is a Trumpster, a Covidiot, an Enemy of the People.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio urged New Yorkers to inform on people who violate social distancing. Those are Soviet tactics. And a recent Rasmussen poll showed that 36% of Americans are happy to oblige. They must love feeling like a Bolshevik cell block leader. Remember the scene in Dr. Zhivago, when a sour-faced block warden bullies the good doctor, daring him to disagree with her? That's how Covid Nazis must feel.

Covid Nazi is the right term. While Nazi initially referred to National Socialists, popular usage has expanded its meaning to include any controlling bully or petty tyrant. Consider Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi," a chef who required customers to stand in designated spots, and use approved phrases, when buying his soup, or be banished from his eatery.



In Britain, it's now customary for the entire nation to applaud the National Health Service every Thursday at 8 p.m. It's called "Clap for Carers." An act of revolutionary solidarity against the virus, I suppose. People once feared not applauding Stalin. Today, Covid Nazis are monitoring who's not clapping for carers. One woman was publicly shamed on Facebook for not joining in.

As small businesses and the middle class suffer from this lockdown, many globalists, oligarchs, elite -- call them what you will -- are reaping huge profits. Governments don't spend trillions of bailout money without much of it going to those with well-connected lobbyists. Like the Patriot Act, the CARES Act passed so quickly, it's as if special interests had it all written out, years in advance, just waiting for the right crisis.

But far below crony capitalists are the useful idiots of the Deep State, who think they're fighting the very rulers who are pulling their strings. Move-On, Occupy Wall Street, Antifa, and Covid Nazis. Petty thugs who live to bully, preferably with a veneer of moral justification. And in secular society, such justification comes from political and social causes. Think of all the bullying regular folks endure from in-your-face activists, shrieking that they're only harassing you "to save the environment" or "to help the children." Now it's to save humanity from Covid-19 extinction.

Even children enjoy being bullies. What brat doesn't want to be Greta Thurnberg? Sassing off to adults always feels good, and doing it to fight Big Tobacco or climate change gives brats license to be as rude and mouthy as they like. Brats not only have permission to call adults covidiots. Teachers, politicians, and media stars praise them for it.

If you're not panicking, and ready to burn down the economy and surrender your Constitutional liberties to fight Covid-19, then you are robbing the children of their future. Yes, I know. Global cooling, nuclear war, nuclear power, Alar, Acid Rain, AIDS, global warming, and rising sea levels should have already killed us all by now. But this time for sure.